Edit Session

Edit Session is a durational performance wherein I invite an audience, one by one and by appointment, to scan through video footage I shot over the last decade, make selections, and edit their choices into a two- to three-minute piece of their interest.

The footage includes personal journals of my everyday life over 10 years, spanning the early childhood of my son, personal relationships, conversations with friends, travelogue, material shot for past projects, and documentations of other people’s works.

This whole session is available for viewing by a second audience of undetermined size who may walk in at any point during the hours the performance takes place.

Documentations from the performance at MuseumofAmericabooks can be seen at https://moab.space/exhibitions/edit-sessions/

Aki Sasamoto At The Kitchen

Recorded on HD video with Sony PMW-200

Aki Sasamoto performs at the Kitchen on March 7, 2014.
For the full recording please visit vimeo.com/90115309

performance: Aki Sasamoto, Jessica Weinstein, John Bollinger, Pau Atela
lighting design: Madeline Best
timber sculpture: Pau Atela, Sam Ekwurtzel
songs: “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb, “Goodbye” by White Yellow Blue & Clouds

The Park Slope Food Coop

The Park Slope Food Coop is a documentary on a member-owned grocery store in Brooklyn, NY.  The documentary was produced by Hyenalife, a online journal supporting sustainable life style.

The coop was formed in 1973 with the demands for healthy and affordable food for local community.  Since it’s formation, the store has grown to be the biggest and oldest coop mainly managed by members’ work contributions.

I shot this piece between 2010-2013 and made five episodes, each investigating different themes:

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Work Share

Part Three: Product Choices

Part Four: Tools For Democratic Process

Part Five: Seed For Change: Community Participation and Outreach


Length: 11:45

1st grade students at Brooklyn New School learn ways to take care of their green space. Through sensory, observation, practice and community building, students learn to become leaders for building sustainable world.

Production Credit:
Videography (Direction, Camera, Editing) by Iki Nakagawa
Music: “The Garden Song” by John Denver

Kebe: The African Tailor

Length: 13:22

Kebe comes from Senegal, and has a tailoring store in Bedford Stuyvesant.  He makes custom clothing to support his family in Senegal. He builds friendships with his customers, and his friends bring new clients to him. His friends hang out at his store and create a sense of community.

Production Credit:
Videography (Direction, Camera, Editing) by Iki Nakagawa
Additional Camera by N’
Translation and Subtitle by Iki Nakagawa

Green Mountain Girls Farm

Length: 18:05
Green Mountain Girls Farm is a sustainable farm in Vermont. Two women who used to work for environmental groups decided to grow food for their immediate community as part of their an environmental act. Their animal-tilled farming produces many varieties of organic produce. I visited the farm with my father and my son and participated in farming. We got to know each other, learned to adjust our pace with each other, enjoyed farming together and ate delicious fresh food. It was fun and relaxing, and we experienced the importance of being close to the food we eat.

Production Credit:
Camera by Iki Nakagawa and Kunihiko Nakagawa
Editing by Iki Nakagawa
Sound Mix by Florent Barbier
Music by Evan Premo
Photos by Mari Omland and Laura Olson

Translation and Subtitle by Iki Nakagawa

For More Information On The Farm


Length: 43:10

Filmic interpretations of Commoning directed by Iki Nakagawa with contributions from Caterina Verde, Douglas Manson, Mike Taylor, David Thompson, Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik.

Commoning is a group of poets, performers and persons working together toward the common good. Their foci: history of the enclosure of the commons leading directly to today’s privatization, wage stagnation and material inequity; inner and somatic practices as the basis of fairness; the ways in which laws become the means for maintaining imbalance; hypertrophy of the financial sector; language as hegemonic force of globalization; and private determination of public space by ‘business’ that has always approached ‘public’ as inimical to its interests.

Peter: Life Collaged

Length: 13:06

NY artist Peter Cole makes his living by having multiple jobs. Despite difficulties, all elements of his everyday life complement one another and make a sustainable life style.

To find out more about Peter Cole and his projects visit

Peter Cole’s artworks are available for purchase at
SPRING design & art

Production Credit:
Videography (Direction, Camera, Editing) by Iki Nakagawa
Translation and Subtitle by Iki Nakagawa