Arena Triptych

Collaboration with Walter Dundervill
Three channel video and mix media installation at Abrons Arts Center, NYC, NY.

The video consists of a documentation of Walter Dundervill’s Arena, performed at Jack and PS1 in 2015 and 2016, and landscape footage, both of which were recorded by Iki.   Three videos were projected along with cellphones and mylar that were installed by Dundervill.

The installation was part of the exhibition called “Reexamine the space” curated by Josh Lubin-Levy from September 26-October 23, 2016. The photograph is taken by Frank Mullaney.

Leadership Talks from ICPP

Leadership Talks from ICPP*:
Kristy Edmunds on Cultural Memory as Performance Archive

Shot and edited by Iki Nakagawa
Sound by David Scaringe
Recorded on HD Video with Sony PMW200

*The Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance (ICPP) is a center for the academic study of the presentation and contextualization of contemporary performance at Wesleyan University.

King of White Collar Boxing David Lawrence

Length: 4:40

A 4 min portrait of David Lawrence, a boxer, a poet, and diligent practitioner of both forms; for the last twenty plus years, he had never missed a day of training at the gym and working on his writing. The video was commissioned by David Lawrence for the launch of his latest book, a memoir, King of White Collar Boxing (Rain Mountain Press, 2nd ed. 2016.

Videography (Direction, Camera and Editing): Iki Nakagawa
Second Camera: Kristian Borysevicz